Midsummer on Mount St

De Gournay, the British firm known for its exquisite hand-painted wallpapers, has dressed Scott’s for summer. A richly detailed rainforest scene has taken over the iconic black awning, windows and table settings, bringing a touch of tropical Florida heat to our cultured corner of Mayfair.

A flamboyance of flamingos, a scattering of mischievous monkeys and a cougar stalking amid stately palms invite the more genteel denizens of the city to join the wildlife on the terrace. Take a seat amongst broad-leaved figs and heady hibiscus blooms to watch the London street-life go by. Summer is here, a time to let the workaday strictures melt away, to loosen up, feel the sunshine and indulge the senses. 

Enjoy the seasonal special, girolle risotto, paired with a glass of Krug champagne – the perfect complement to the rich fruity flavour of the prized mushrooms. Or choose from our peerless year-round fish and seafood offering – from generous platters of fruits de mer and whole fish made for sharing to the more delicate joys of sashimi or carpaccio. A selection of meat dishes is available for those with more earthy inclinations.

Toast the season with a glass of Krug – a house founded on the principle that the true essence of champagne is pleasure itself. Naturally, it’s a favourite here at Scott’s.